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"We are
the creators
of our own destiny,
the authors
of our own story."
~ Will Craig


Inspiring Stories


I find one of the best ways to lift my spirits or motivate me to new heights is to listen, speak to or read about women who are passionate about their path in life!  This page is dedicated to these women.  I would like to extend a special thank you to each of them for giving me the privilege of meeting them and sharing their story. 


The story of Vy Waller is truly inspiring.  As a woman in her mid-50s, Vy is living life to the fullest … living a balanced and healthy lifestyle and doing what she loves! 

Click here to view Vy's story.
Used with permission by MOST Magazine (Winter 2008 Edition).


Ellie Ross, owner of Wag and Train, Inc. in Ayr, Ontario, is passionate about her love for horses and is known for her dedication to rescuing these special animals from the livestock auction.  In this article, Ellie alongside her friend, Arlene Shousterman share their joy for trail riding and how this pastime positively extends to other areas of their lives. 

Click here to view Ellie & Arlene's story.
Used with permission by MOST Magazine (February/March 2009).


Jenny Sherwood, co-owner of Energy Yoga in Burlington, Ontario with her husband, Marek Kazmierczak, has an inherent sense of trust and one whic has led her to pursue her PhD in Brain Education in South Korea. Despite the distance, language and cultural challenges, Jenny continues to forge forward and follow her inner compass.


Click here to read about Jenny's journey and
learn more about Brain Education.


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