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"Everyone should
carefully observe which way his heart draws him, and then
choose that way with all his strength."
~Hasidic Saying






Coaching Services

Coaching is a process of self-discovery, of developing a deeper awareness of yourself, of uncovering your deepest heart’s desires that perhaps, you have pushed aside because other responsibilities and obligations in life took greater precedence until now.  We all have goals and dreams that we have hidden deep within our subconscious, some may frighten us, others may no longer be ones we wish to fulfill and some we have just pushed aside waiting for the right moment to reveal itself.


It is possible to realize your goals and dreams without the support of a coach.  Some people are ready and quite capable of seizing the moment and bringing them to fruition almost effortlessly.   But if you have ever felt stuck, you know from experience that it can be very difficult to get unstuck.  It’s not impossible, but generally, I have found that it takes a greater length of time and more concentrated energy to bring about the desired change on your own. 


Coaching is about making an investment in you.  We typically don’t give a second thought to buying a new outfit, pampering ourselves by having a manicure or pedicure or going out for a night on the town with the girls.  But when it comes to making an investment of this nature in ourselves, we hesitate and feel we can’t justify the expense.  Take a moment to consider what you are saying …in essence, you are saying, “I’m not worth it”.  What investment is of greater importance, higher value or more worthy than YOU? 


Coaching is a co-creative relationship, meaning that the coach and client are equal partners working together for the benefit of the client.  Both coach and client have an active role in this process.  The coach is a detached thinking and accountability partner. Together, as a team, we create the synergy that will help you effect meaningful change and take dynamic action towards your goals.   


As a coach, my role is to listen to you closely, respond to what I hear and ask questions.  I may give you my perspectives, outline options for you to consider or make suggestions.  I find this sometimes helps clients to gain a new understanding, develop a greater awareness or give them specific insight which propels them forward.  Often it is the small moments that create the BIGGEST shifts.  I will help you to set goals, strategize and develop next steps.  I am here to act as a catalyst and change agent … to encourage, support and guide you as you travel along your path.  But ultimately, it is your decision to determine what is right for you and how you will proceed in achieving your true heart’s desires. 


If you ….


  • are seeking a healthy life balance.
  • have a desire to fulfill a major life goal or dream.
  • are stuck and want someone to help get you back on track.
  • are navigating a transition in your life (career, relationship, retirement) and are looking for guidance, support and encouragement.
  • are searching for happiness or want to fill the emptiness in your life.
  • want to expand your awareness of self and move beyond your self-imposed limitations … 


Please contact me
for a complimentary “Getting To Know You” session
so you can experience the magic of coaching firsthand.


Isn’t it time to bring your dream to life?





  • "This past Christmas, I gave myself an amazing present - Life Coaching sessions. I reached a point in my life where I felt stuck and needed encouragement and support to move forward in my life. Talking with Joyce was exactly what I needed. I will be forever grateful for the guidance and support she has brought to my life. She is patient, understanding, insightful and truly an inspiring person. She has helped me build better relationships with my daughters, myself and helped guide me toward my life’s purpose. I feel so encouraged now about the future and all that I can offer this great world. Thank you Joyce!!!
    Jill Mitchell, Toronto, ON

  • "Joyce is a dynamic and highly-motivated Life Coach. She works hard to understand her client’s needs and then dives deeper into their motivations and aspirations. With her kind and thoughtful demeanor, she exuberates emotional intelligence at its highest level. Joyce is an excellent listener and contributes meaningful advice. She is sincere and genuine and this creates a comfortable and secure environment during our sessions. 'Joyce is a breath of fresh air.' I look forward to my sessions with her because I always leave inspired by her influence."
    Corinna Brasil, Burlington

  • Comments received from "Tipping the Scales ...and I'm not talking about your weight or weight loss" Workshop held on Saturday, November 13th, 2010 in Burlington, Ontario.
    • "You have a very nice and friendly approach which is comforting to people in need of your expertise and knowledge." (Corinna B.)
    • "(It was helpful to hear) the stories of the people, your stories and the handouts." (Chris C.)
    • "I realized the good things in my life and to keep positive!" (Helen G.)
    • "(I learned) what is really important - how work is really not so important compared to the real values of life. As a result of the information I learned today, I will set specific goals and DO them." (Josee F.)

  • "I know that I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for the insight and the motivation from Joyce. Thank you for being a mentor and an "angel on earth" on my life's journey." ~ Debbie
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